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An Ultimate Guide on How to Use URL Shorteners to Earn Money

Do you know that you could earn money by just shortening links and sharing them? It’s simple as that. Today in this post, you will learn how to do it.

What you will learn from this article:

  • How to shorten URL links
  • Uses of URL shorteners
  • How the paid shorteners work
  • Which shortener you must use
  • How much money you could make from this job
  • How URL shorteners work

There are a lot of ways you could monetize your content. Some by ads, some by affiliate marketing. Some require much hard work and some are a bit simple. Did you ever think of just sitting in your room and share some links and earn money? Well, your dream is gonna become a dream now. I have experience of almost 1 year of shortening links and I found it the most profitable.  All of the works require at least a little bit of work and remember, You CANNOT become a rich person at just 1 night! You must be patient with any kind of work!

What is a URL shortener?

Well, its all in the name. It makes big URL’s short, making it easy and very simple to share which all of your friends can remember.

 Uses of URL shorteners:

Shrink Links: They will shorten the bigger links to a smaller one making it more beautiful and easy to remember. For Example, many social media have a character limit for your posts and Twitter has the least amount of characters per tweet. Now look, you have a 130 characters long link and a 20 character message and want to tweet your message. You can’t do this because Twitter has 140 character tweet limit.

Actual Link:

Shortened Link:

Hide an URL: You wanna hide an URL and not let them see the link until they visit it? Well, it is useful here too! For example, I want to track someone’s IP address (There is a specific site which allows sharing a link and when someone visits it, I will get his IP. The site is well-known) I can’t normally because many people are aware of it. So I will use or or any other shortener to hide it. I will get his IP then!

SEO: Many URL shorteners have a good SEO ranking too!

How normal URL shorteners work.

URL Shorteners are the tools used to shorten links and you all know that. Do you wanna have a closer and deeper look inside of it? Well here it is how it works:
1. They get the URL
2. Create a new page for their domain
3. In that new page, it will have small URL which redirects to the link that you gave.
4. They will give our their domain’s page.
5. You share it easily.

How paid URL shorteners work. (How to earn money with them):

Well, you must see an image to understand how the process goes on. So I made an image to show you how the process works.

You will have a long URL and it will get shortened by a URL shortener and then an AD will be displayed on your URL shortener for 5 seconds and when you skip the ad, it will redirect you to your destination URL. You get some money for your work and some money goes to the URL shortener company.

Which is the best URL shortener:

It depends on a lot of factors but in fact, you must try them yourself and find it out. I’m gonna recommend some really great ones here:

  1. Adfly
  2. LinkShrink

These are the only both which are the best working in my opinion but adfly is having some issues with different countries so I would go for URL shortener and adfly is still having issues with my country (i.e. India) and I’m pretty sure that adfly will or may not be working there.

How much will you earn:

This might not be accurate because different countries offer different prices. Let’s suppose that you have a WhatsApp group. In which there are about 500 members but all of them won’t click the link, only about 400 of them will. If your visitors are from the USA you will earn all the $4 but if your visitors are from other countries, you may get a bit of less money. Like for example, My visitors are from India, I made almost 500 of them click the link and skip the ad but I won’t get $5 like my visitors from the USA, I will get about $0.5 and yes, It may seem so much less, but if you have friends over 3000 in Facebook or followers on Twitter then you are in luck! Just by staying on bed sharing it, you can earn a crazy amount of money.???? You can withdraw your earnings easily too! Just let the shortener know your details of PayPal or Payoneer or Bitcoins. It will transfer your earnings to your bank account.

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